Maximum results

"We have received Pilates instruction from Erin Porter for a few years. She takes care that our sessions get maximum results. What a difference her classes have made. We are more flexible, have great core strength, balanced and lean muscles. Pilates is for anyone of any age group, body shape or size, and fitness level. We often have a variety of men and women of all ages in our classes. Pilates is a great workout! We will continue with Erin, we feel wonderful." 
– Nada and Vera W.


dedicated and professional

I have been training with Erin for about 3 years now. I started working with her after I had two major operations and a session of chemo. I was at rock bottom as far as physical ability goes, very weak with limited stamina. I had difficulty doing basic tasks around the house. I saw an article in the paper about Erin developing a group program with the cancer center. I met with her and discussed my situation and explained what I would like to achieve….which was basically a better quality of life. Erin is very dedicated and professional. She took great care to ensure that the workouts did not do any harm but incrementally increased my endurance, worked on balance and strength. After about 6 months, my ability to do daily things around the house had improved immensely. I am now in as good a shape or better than before my treatment began. I am back golfing, skiing, swimming …doing pretty much anything I choose.

If you want a caring, dedicated, knowledgeable trainer Erin is that person.

- Sue G.



"I saw Erin for massage therapy with respect to shoulder pain.  She located the deep muscle that was causing my pain, and with her careful approach and massage techniques, she relieved me of the pain.  She is gentle and makes sure that I am comfortable at all times.  She regularly asks questions to ensure that she is applying enough pressure or to ensure that she is not applying too much.  I continue to see Erin for massage treatments for overall well-being.  I have always left my sessions with her feeling relaxed and refreshed.  I know that I will be a long time client of hers, and have recommended her to many friends."
- Diane Z.

feel better and youNger

"To anyone who wants to get in shape and stay there, I have been enjoying the benefit of training with Erin Porter for over six years and I recommend her highly. I have learned many exercises from Erin, have improved my posture and look and feel much younger. I have found that Erin knows my limits much better than I do and that allows her get the very best out of me. For anyone considering a personal trainer, I recommend Erin without reservation. Our workouts not only make me feel better and younger, they are fun. "
– Martin W.


safe, versatile, and customized to my needs

"Working with Erin as my personal trainer for more than five years has helped me incorporate fitness into my life in a consistently enjoyable way. She has coached me through times when I was too busy to exercise, through times when I've been injured and she has prepared me to participate in active vacations involving skiing, bicycling, and golfing. Last year I was able to run the Detroit half marathon with Erin's help and I couldn't even run a block before we started! She always asks me what my next fitness goal is….and we work out a plan to get there. Erin's knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics from her massage therapy, pilates, and personal training background ensures that her program for me will be safe, versatile, and customized to my needs. "
–Stephanie N.